ExcellenceWe pursue excellence not just because it works—though it certainly does—but because there's joy in a job done well and there is beauty in seeing the good work of others.

LearningOngoing learning forms the foundation, not only of a successful career in software, but also of a life well-lived. Learning thrives in a context of shared pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, of generosity in sharing one's knowledge, and of openness to learning from the expertise of others.

IntegrityEvery relationship depends on trust and character. Business is no different. Our commitment to integrity is based in the understanding that we are accountable to our Creator for the choices that we make.

CommunityLife lived selfishly or in isolation is tragedy. We celebrate the dynamic giving and receiving, the networks of trust, that are community. We recognize that all of us have received much from others, and all of us have much to give.


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What We Do
At CodeCrafters, we partner with our clients to create world-class business software.



Who We Are
Ellis and Lynita Miller moved to Bangladesh in 2006. A year later, they opened CodeCrafters International Ltd.